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Bear Hugs for Babies

Bear Hugs for Babies


Infants (6 weeks-12 months)

Bear Hugs provides infants with individual attention and love, fostering and encouraging their development. Various experiences are designed to promote gross motor abilities while producing a stimulating environment which helps formulate trusting relationships. Bear Hugs provides materials that encourage infants to use all of their senses-rattles, unbreakable mirrors, squeeze toys, texture balls, fill and dump toys, simple rhythm instruments, books and simple puzzles. By meeting our infants needs consistently, promptly and lovingly, we help our infants learn to trust themselves and their world.

Daily "Bear Grams" are provided. Written documentation concerning your infant's meals, diapering, naps and of course play activities. Bear Hugs provides Gerber Good Start Formula (Regular & Soy). Gerber Cereal & Baby Food is also provided as your infant becomes ready. Your infant will be held during bottle feedings.


Little Bears & Pooh Bears

(12 months – 2 years)

Around the age of one, your child is becoming increasingly mobile. This is a thrill and a challenge for both you and your child. Bear Hugs provides a stimulating environment where your child can begin to roam and explore their new mobility safely. Teachers give consistent warm physical contact, providing hugs and a nurturing atmosphere to establish your child’s sense of security and well being.

Bear Hugs toddler rooms function as learning environments.

Age appropriate materials are readily available for your child to discover shapes, colors and patterns. We provide both fine motor and gross motor activities to encourage your child’s development.

Daily “Bear Grams” are provided. Written documentation concerning your toddler’s meals, diapering, naps and of course, play activities. Bear Hugs encourages healthy eating habits by providing meals and snacks that are nutritious. Bear Hugs works with parents as your child becomes ready for potty training.

Two year olds are becoming better at communicating their thoughts through gestures as well as verbally. Our teachers encourage the children’s language development through songs, stories and other fun hands on learning activities.



Teddy Bears

(3-4 years old)

Preschoolers enjoy a wide variety of self-exploration with manipulatives that enhance fine and gross motor functions. Music and movement is also incorporated into their weekly activities. As they continue to grow more independent, teachers provide learning opportunities that encourage emotional/social development, academic skills and self-discovery.

Monthly curriculum calendars are designed with weekly themes including character development, community helpers, colors, math concepts and letter recognition. Weekly activity plans are designed to promote literacy, emotional/social skills, pre-math readiness, writing, nature & discovery exploration, music & movement and gross motor.

Teachers encourage conflict resolution within the classroom by teaching our children the skills to communicate verbally to have their needs met. We also use positive reinforcement and redirection as tools in classroom management.

School Age


Your school age child will be safe and well cared for in our before and after school program.

• Transportation
• Homework help
• Physical activity
• Socialization with friends
• Arts and Crafts
• Breakfast before school and snack after school provided

Bear Hugs is able to provide care for your child during regular school breaks and early release days.

Summer Camps, Winter Break, Spring Break & More

Summer CampJump Into Summer Fun at Bear Hugs School Age Summer Camp where there is always Fun in the Florida Sun! Summer Camp keeps your child entertained for the months before the new school year begins. Once school begins Winter Break and Spring Break is always fun for all ages at Bear Hugs.

When the school year winds down your child will always look forward to a Bear Hugs Summer Camp experience. Teachers accompany children to a local life-guarded swimming pool (Cocoa Beach Country Club) weekly. Melbourne Party Jumpers will bring water slides twice a month this summer.

Field Trips:
Summer Campers will learn more about the world around them by visiting the Brevard Zoo, the public library and other exciting locations. Summer Campers will have fun and learn new skills with trips to the Roller Skating Rink and the Bowling Alley. We will share new tastes as we visit local restaurants including Perkins, Cici's Pizza and the Olive Garden. Our summer campers will get to visit the newest child friendly restaurant Chuck E. Cheese. Campers enjoy trips to the movies and of course the summer favorite.. Ice Cream!

Weekly Themes: While at the center your child will keep their mind sharp by participating in planned activities focused around fun weekly themes. Summer Campers will learn about their community as we offer a Reading Buddy Program where children are paired together to keep literacy skills fresh all summer.

Sports and Games:Both at and away from the center, your child will be active with organized and individual sports and games including volleyball, softball, basketball, bumper bowling, roller skating, soccer and kickball.

Music and Arts & Crafts: Summer Campers will enjoy being creative with planned arts and crafts using such skills as painting, drawing and working with their hands. Fun and diverse music activities will be planned weekly.