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Bear Hugs Accredited Preschools are Top Performing VPK Providers!

It’s Okay to Play in VPK! A Child’s Work is “Play”.

Children learn through their play and spaces and props for play are an important part of the early learning environment. Children engaged in “playing house” consider roles and relationships and use self-regulation.  They practice their language skills and learn about friendships.  As children design roadways and buildings in the block area, they compare sizes and shapes, show self-direction and problem solve when they run into difficulties.  Because playVPK 2 affords children many choices, their approaches to learning skills are fostered.  They show eagerness and curiosity, persistence, creativity and inventiveness; and planning and reflection as they make play choices.

BEAR HUGS curriculum is based on each child achieving the goals “standards” set forth by the Florida Department of Education.  These standards include:

• Physical Development: Health and Wellness, Self-Help, Gross Motor Development & Fine Motor Development
• Approaches to Learning: Eagerness and Curiosity, Persistence, Creativity and Planning and Reflection
• Social and Emotional Development: Self-Regulation, Relationships and Social Problem Solving
• Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy: Listening and Understanding, Speaking, Vocabulary, Sentences and Structure, Conversation, Emergent Reading and Emergent Writing
• Cognitive Development and General Knowledge:  Mathematical Thinking Introduction, Scientific Inquiry,
Social Studies and Creative Expression Through the Arts

VPK 3BEAR HUGS offers a well-planned environment providing our children with many ideas and choices to support play development.

If you have questions about anything we do you are encouraged to ask. We want you to be as educated about what is happening in your child’s school life as possible so that you will be able to continue these practices at home. Parents and teachers working together toward the common goal of Kindergarten readiness will encourage confident little learners.  We have an open door policy and encourage parents to come and visit our classrooms and see the learning that is going on.

What is Voluntary Pre-K (VPK)?

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program (VPK) is a FREE educational program created by the Florida Department of Education to prepare every four-year old in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success.

The VPK Program offers each child an opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life by offering quality programs that include developementally appropriate curriculum with a focus on early literacy skills.

Bear Hugs Accredited Preschool VPK Programs focus on the 5 areas of development adopted by the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds.
1. Physical Development
2. Approaches to Learning
3. Social & Emotional Development
4. Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy
5. Cognitive Development

How to apply for VPK:
If you would like to register your child for the VPK Program, please call the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) at 321-637-1800 to make an appointment.

At the time of your appointment you will need the following documents:
1. Completed VPK application
2. Your child's birth certificate and proof of residence (such as your driver's license and/or utility bill (must show physical address-not PO box)

After completing the application, providing the required documentation and meeting with a VPK representative, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility which can be used to enroll your child at any one of our four Bear Hugs Preschool locations.